The Gardens showcase three heritage buildings and other special attractions. Some perhaps not available in similar environments…… on……….

Special Attractions

The WOW Tree

The oldest Mallee Tree in the Gardens, estimated to be 2,500 years old by a Forestry Expert. Go back in time, as you stand beside the tree and envision the ancestors of the indigenous tribes.

The Nature Trail

Dedicated to native shrubs, bushes and trees, this trail also includes salt-tolerant natives.

The Seed Pod Ceiling

A work of art, unique in its beauty and technical perfection. Verbal accounts credit Mrs Lois Smith, one of the leaders in the creation of the botanic gardens, as having perfected the artwork out of seed pods collected by volunteers. The Gardens Z-Team affixed the artwork to the ceiling.

Views of the Southern Lake

Peaka Homestead – a heritage building

Peaka Homestead, originally located on Pooncarie station, 140kms from Mildura, with its Murray Pine drop log walls was built (according to his great grandson) by Thomas Samuel Dean in the 1850s or 1860s. Although Thomas subsequently disappeared without trace, his wife Caroline Artus, a medical doctor remained to bring up her children in the homestead. Caroline passed away on 18th April 1888 and her remains are buried at the Pooncarie cemetery. The homestead was gifted to the Gardens by Ross and Elizabeth Phillips of Gol Gol. Subsequent to reconstruction, the interior of the building was upgraded to include a modernized kitchen that provides catering facilities for functions in the adjacent Magenta Woolshed.

“Magenta in the Gardens”

Magenta Woolshed, originally located on Magenta Station in Balranald was built according to available records, in the mid-19th century. Early records indicate that Magenta Station was owned by the Landale family, a prominent sheep farming family in the area. Having changed hands many times, the building was eventually gifted to the Gardens by Rob and Trish Williams.

Garnpang Homestead

Located originally on the Garnpang Station 150kms North of Mildura, the homestead owned by the Richardson family was earmarked to be demolished. The Gardens identified the potential of this 1870s pine “drop log” homestead as adding heritage value to the Gardens. In 1992, the Garnpang homestead was gifted to the Gardens by the Richardson family. The Rotary Club of South Mildura dismantled, relocated and rebuilt the homestead in the Gardens in the period 1992-1993. The Garnpang Homestead currently functions as the Gift & Coffee Shop (additional details under “Services“).

Other Attractions are as follows:

  • The Sturt Desert Pea bed
  • The Children’s Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Bush Chapel
  • Tractor Train Tours

Additional details are available under Services menu.

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